Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I have not fallen off the face of the earth

I've only been swept up in the backpacking lifestyle.

So, dear reader, I will summarize the past few months for you and in posts to follow give you details of the things you'd care to know more about! (Details of snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, sailing around the Whitsundays, hanging out in the rainforest and living in the world's most livable city).

After completing my Greyhound trip of Australia's backpacker must-do journey--the east coast--I flew down to Melbourne to settle for a little while.

Working as a charity fundraiser for Child Fund, I met some new friends and explored the "everybody-here-is-cool" suburb of Prahran but fancied a change.

A strange but intriguing job opportunity to sell solar power door to door to residents in Queensland landed in my lap, so it was back to Brisbane and the tropical heat of Australia's "Smart State."

For eight weeks, I worked in a team with six other backpackers, mainly in small towns. As with all strange job opportunities, there were plenty of ups and downs but I made it safely back to Melbourne to spend Christmas with a great group of friends.

These days I'm working in a restaurant in the city, practicing music with another traveller (from Japan) and finally made it back into the bloggosphere!

Stay tuned, people, we have months of catching up to do. 


  1. Well it's about time you got back to blogging, dearest. We all miss you and want you back in the United States of America. I told my class about you today and I fussed about your disappearance from the blogosphere, all while pulling your blog up on the Smart Board. And low and behold you have returned to us in cyberspace. The students are envious of you, Anna.

    Any chance we could connect via FaceTime? It works better than Skype, but you have to have a Mac or an iPad.

    We could donit in my class. They are full of questions for you!

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  3. Hmmmm, it appears you've fallen off the face of the earth again. I shall lead a search party myself!