Monday, September 12, 2011

Time in Noosa great for planning, market shopping

If you're riding up the Sunshine Motorway, you're probably heading somewhere nice.

Our destination: Noosa, a friendly little beach town.

We checked into our room at the
Halse Lodge YHA, strolled into town and tucked our toes in the sand on the beach that afternoon.

Back at the hostel we lounged on comfy couches, cooked dinner and spent the evening reading and chatting on the porch.

I don't remember the last time I simultaneously had enough spare time and energy to read for fun!

The next day, our main objective was to find and book ourselves on a tour to Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island.

Like most places on the main tourist track, the brochures for trips out to Fraser Island are countless. After awhile, all the pamphlets start to look the same.

But with the help of Gale at the one of the Noosa visitor centers, we finally decided on a three-day, two-night trip with Trailblazers.

(My next post will focus on the Fraser Island trip and highlights from the three days.)

Next in Noosa, we walked along the Noosa National Park trail from Main Beach to Little Cove.

At one spot, we sat on rocks just off the trail, looking over the ocean. While surfers and paddle boarders dotted the water below, we had front row seats to an early evening dolphin show.

Not far from the shore, three or four dolphins enjoyed each others company, occasionally jumping out of the water.

The beach was just a short walk back to the hostel and we made it back just in time for Happy Hour!

The downstairs portion of the hostel served as reception, lounge and a bar and cafe.

We had a drink, made dinner and spent some time organizing our bags for the trip to Fraser.

While at Fraser, we debated on whether to return to Noosa or move further north to Rainbow Beach. By chance, the manager of a backpacker travel company in Noosa was also on our tour.

After talking with her about what Tribal Travel can offer backpackers, we decided to go back to Noosa and organize activities up the east coast.

With Tribal Travel's help, we set up a two-day camping trip on Middle Island from 1770 (the only town I've ever heard of that consists of only numerals...).

We've also booked a three-day sailing trip around the Whitsundays Islands from Airlie Beach and three trips from Cairns.

Besides planning ahead a bit, we picked up two days of work in Noosa and spent some time relaxing in our hostel with new-found friends.

On our final day in town, we headed to the Eumundi Markets, one of the biggest of its kind in Queensland.

The market was bursting with color, relaxing music and fantastic smells!

I started the morning off with a beautiful coffee.

Drinks in hand, we strolled past stalls of all hand-crafted items or home-grown foods. The food court also offered plenty of tempting dishes.

Although it was only 9 a.m., the German bratwurst stand reeled us in. After sampling their original bratwurst, a woodsmoked mild brat and a spicy brat, we opted for adventure and chose the spicy bratwurst smothered with sauerkraut and mustard.

Fresh tomatoes caught our eye at one table. There, we tried fresh Aussie black pepper and Himalayan salt from a mine in the Himalayan Mountains sprinkled on the juicy tomatoes.

We also enjoyed the musical stylings of Harii.

I could have meandered through the market all day but we had a bus to catch back in Noosa Junction.

Next stop: the town of 1770, named by Captain James Cook when he discovered the area in the year of...drumroll please...1770.

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