Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lost in translation: entry 5

I was minding my own business reading The Noosa Journal on the porch of our hostel when "Rex" approached. "Daddy Rex" the security guard to be exact.

After a bit of a chat, "Rex" (whose real name is Anthony) suggested a few good places to hang out at in town.

I explained how generally lazy I can be at night and that I was quite happy to spend my first night in Noosa on the porch, reading and contemplating my plan for tomorrow.

To this he responded, "You need to harden up!"

Context clues assisted me. He was obviously telling me to "live a little", "toughen up."

Then, he threw in, "You need a teaspoon of concrete."

"That sounded a bit shady," I thought. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Concrete? What's that? Some sort of alcoholic concoction," I asked.

But, nope, I was wrong. And thankfully so.

Suggesting someone take a teaspoon of concrete literally means telling someone to toughen up.

So, there you have it. I was happy to learn a new phrase and happy to know are hostel is kept safe by Mr. Friendly Rex.

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  1. I guess it's just a different world over there or down there or wherever Australia is, Anna. You ought to write a visitor's guide to the nuances of language; might be able to get it published and sell it!

    On another topic, guess you heard about my news... All good things must come to an end.