Monday, July 25, 2011

Lost in translation: entry 3 (this one involves streaking)


Come again...


All of the above are ways to ask for clarification when you are confused.

Here's another to add to the list of responses to use if you don't quite catch what someone says: hey?

In moments of missed communication and confusion, Aussies respond with a "hey" that sounds more like "hay."

And just like in the States, Aussies have differing accents depending on where they live.

In Charleville, "hey" is a three or four syllable word (not much different than at home in S.C.)

"Hey" is also used frequently on the end of sentences in the same way one might say "you know."

It's similar to the Canadians' add-on of "eh" to complete a thought.

Next word: devo.

Short for devastated.

I learned this word from a young man who comes into the bottle shop once a week or so.

The story of learning this word starts with a woman I served last week. She shared with me the hot news of the day: someone ran on the field in just their underpants after the local footy game the day before.

Not long after she left, the young man walked in.

I asked him if he knew the guy who streaked at the footy.

A devious and proud smile broke out across his face.

"That was me," he said. "No one had done it in 30 years, so I thought why not?"

"It didn't make the paper though, I was so devo."

And there you have it, something happens in Charleville that hasn't occurred in 30 years and it doesn't even make the paper: that's something to be devo about.

Correction to the most recent blog post about our day off: Tuesdays are tight arse Tuesday, not cheap arse Tuesday.

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  1. Nice explication of the language nuances over there, Anna. As you know we have our fair share of nuances in South Carolina, too. One of them being that people who are natives of the Sharon community in York County speak of themselves as being from "Shay-ron."

    Oh well.

    Hope you and Jen are having a great Sunday morning (or whatever time it is where you are...)