Monday, July 11, 2011

Lost in translation: entry 2

I'll try to not let every Lost in Translation post relate to alcohol...but after all I am in Australia and I work in a bar...


A noun; refers to any type of alcohol.

In everyday use someone might say, "I need to go down to the liquor barn and get some grog."

To refer to a person who is out drinking you might say, "So-and-so is out on the grog."

Next, is the phrase, that's a good drop.

Drop refers to a drink. Australians use this phrase to express how much they like a certain drink.

So there you have it, two more words to add to your vocabulary if you'd like.

Check back later for details about the State of Origin rugby game, a Queensland tradition. 


  1. Okay. Thanks for the education on the language over there, Anna. Here's one for you from the mountains of east Tennessee. I've heard people refer to someone they know as "easy touched."

    Tanslation: An "easy touched" person is one who is extremely sensitive.

    And now you know!

    Keep on blogging, dear.

  2. Good one! I love a good lesson in slang :)

    Every culture--and sub-culture--has their own twist on the "official" language.

    Normally, I can use context clues to figure the slang out here but sometimes I'm just baffled!

    Thanks for reading and commenting.