Saturday, July 23, 2011

Exploring Charleville on a day off

Our visa to legally work and live in Australia in literally called Working Holiday.

Sure we are having fun and meeting cool people but we are also working quite a lot.

We work six days a week, usually eight or nine hours a day.

So on our day off, a little rest and relaxation is on order!

Below: Charleville's CBD. Here we go grocery shopping at the IGA, post mail and buy random items at Crazy Clarks (similar to a Big Lots or Dollar General).

We borrowed the owners' ute last Tuesday to explore Charleville beyond just the post office and IGA.

First stop: the Blue Gum Cafe, a popular local lunch spot.

Jen tried their fish and chips and I had the club sandwich. We washed it down with the town's very own "Charleville Splashe Soda."

Below: Me enjoying a crisp Charleville Splashe Soda at Blue Gum Cafe.

I'm not sure what flavor the soda is (the label provided minimal details) but it tasted like root beer mixed with vanilla Coke. Out of 10, I'd give it about a six; not my favorite but it was definitely worth trying the locally-made fizzy beverage.

Next, we drifted into the Charleville News Agency. News agencies sell newspapers, magazines, postcards, stationary items and sometimes various other convenience items.

We picked up some postcards to send home and also some reading material to keep us entertained.

I picked up this copy of the Sydney Morning Herald. The cover story is about Australia's carbon tax, a move that appears to be unpopular with many Australians.

Government officials who support the new measure say a carbon tax is necessary for protecting the environment and ensuring the country remains a leader in the global economy.

But many people here are outraged that nearly everything they use and purchase every day will be taxed even higher: electricity, groceries and transportation.

While I soaked up the controversy surrounding the new carbon tax and other news out of Sydney, Jen took the opportunity to catch up on celebrity gossip with Australian tabloid NW.

Below: Jen and I having downtime at Hotel Corones on our day off.

No day off is complete without, of course, without relaxing in bed with some DVDs.

So we grabbed a membership and some movies at Video 2000, the local movie rental store.

We checked out Get Him To The Greek and Date Night for under $6. Tuesdays at Video 2000 and lots of places around Oz are known as "cheap arse Tuesday," meaning everything is a bargain.

We also spotted a movie called Four Holidays, what we know in the States as Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon.

Before heading home to watch movies and have dinner, we stopped at the Charleville Hospital to check out a group of kangaroos who call the grounds home.

The band of Roos at the hospital are so accustomed to seeing cars and people, they didn't bat an eye or miss a bounce when we rolled up.

They quietly yanked blades of grass from the ground as nurses and patients passed back and forth.

On our way back, we caught this beautiful sunset.

Not a bad way to wrap up a day off...

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