Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DTO towel stands up to rigors of backpacking

Good things come in small packages.

Good camp towels are no exception.

So, when I received my Ultralight Backpacking Towel from Discovery Trekking Outfitters, I was tickled pink at it's size and weight.

But as everyone knows, a towel (no matter its size) is no good if can't absorb all the moisture you need it to.

The first time I used this towel after a shower, I nearly forgot I was using a camp towel.

With just a once-over, the towel had done its job and I was a happy backpacker: not left freezing after a shower in a cold hostel!

Particularly for women (or lads with longer hair), the DTO towel is a decent hair towel as well.

The fabric of the Ultralight is not the same as a typical hair towel, but as a packable camp towel, it does the trick.

Of course to be labeled a great camp towel, the Ultralight needs to dry pretty quickly. Consistently after use, the Ultralight has restored itself to it's original dry, ready-to-use state.

In fact, as I'm writing this, the Ultralight has been hanging up for about two hours since last use and it is already completely dry!

Below: The Ultralight hanging out on the balcony of Hotel Corones in Charleville, a small town in Outback Queensland, Australia.

The only qualm I have with this particular towel is it's size. I wish it were bigger! I'm using the 34 x 28 inch, but DTO does have a larger size available.

With the 34 x 28 inch, you probably will need another towel to use as a shower towel while backpacking.

But if you spend the extra few bucks for a large Ultra Fast Dry towel, it could be the only towel you need to carry.

DTO also makes a mini version of the towel for smaller jobs like wiping out your tent, washing your dishes or using it as a headband. These are just $15 plus shipping.

We've been on the road for over a month, and the towel has held up great.

Depending on your personal hygiene preferences, the Ultralight can go awhile without a wash.

So far, I've washed it in a machine once. Even just before the wash, however, the towel smelt fine (of course, this will depend on what you use the towel for--I've used it only after showers).

The feel of the towel, it's hyper-absorbency and the quick-drying factor make the Ultralight an essential item for your next backpacking trip.

Head over to Discovery Trekking's website and with about $20 you can grab one for yourself.

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