Friday, June 10, 2011

Simple genius of Sydney street music

Sydney's streets are slam full of street performers: the mixed martial arts teacher, loud bands, a didgeridoo player.

But my favorite just appeared in World Square right outside my hostel window tonight: a melodica player (a very creative melodica player).

He first caught my attention when a familiar tune leaked into the cold hostel room...the Mario Bros. theme song.

Jen and I sat in bed, smiling about how cute it was. Then when he actually played the sound of Mario collecting coins in the game, I had to get up and see him for myself.

So far he has played Coldplay's "Speed of Light," the Pink Panther theme song, and Waltzing Matilda (see previous reference.)

I could go downstairs, have a $3 pint and listen to "thump thump thump." Actually we are right above the hostel bar so I can listen to "thump thump thump" in the comfort of my bed for free.

But I'd much rather tell all of you about Mr. Melodica Man and let him serenade me to sleep...

He's playing The Beatles' "Let it Be" now...and with that, he's really won me over.

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  1. So as I read your blog entry, I am noticing elements of journalistic writing that I am suppose to employ in my columns for CJI. I am jealous. I was an English major. But you have the hand to make a person smile, laugh and cry. Love from the USA.