Sunday, June 26, 2011

A look back so far in photos

These are some of my favorite photos from L.A./Sydney/Brisbane/The Westlander:

I took this photo from the pier in Santa Monica. I love the way mountains surround the L.A. area. The beach scene with the mountains in the background is just gorgeous!

Sure, this is a standard shot of Sydney Harbour, but it's still undeniably beautiful. I took this photo from the Bridge. I love the cruise boat cutting through the crisp blue water and the little sailboats further out.

No doubt, one of my favorite Sydney adventures was taking the ferry to Manly. Not only did we enjoy the beach in Manly, but we also got this tremendous view of Harbour without having to book a cruise! It was great being out on the water with the little sailboats and the Bridge supervising the whole scene!

Every now and then I'll run across bits of American culture down here. And, sometimes the bits are random! I found this Hulk Hogan sticker on a post in Brisbane.

Walking back from Southbank to Brisbane's CBD, we got a little lost. The pedestrian bridge we used ends in the botanical gardens, which back into the city (our destination). But, construction in the gardens led us to take a detour. We walked for what seemed like forever, until finally we ended up behind the Parliament House. I took the shot from the side of Parliament House, which is really an impressive building.

Although our journey on The Westlander was billed as a scenic travel train trip, nightfall in Brisbane at the start of the trip meant we couldn't see a whole lot. But after a bumpy night's sleep, we woke up to a colorful sunrise. The clear skies and open bush land let us know we were in the Outback! The more night gave way to morning, the more we could see. Jen saw her first kangaroo from the train and altogether we saw more than we could count! We also passed paddocks with cattle, horses, sheep and emu. The animals were hard to capture with my camera though!

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  1. Stunningly beautiful photos, Anna. You picked one grand country to stay in!

    It's my birthday today, by the way. The old blogster turned ____ today.

    Hello to Jen for me.