Thursday, June 23, 2011

Checking in from Corones in Charleville

As the train pulled in at the Charleville station, I took a look around at our new temporary home.

A giant kangaroo statue in the road median. A dry heat warming pedestrians milling about town. Everything seemed within walking distance of anything worth visiting.

We hadn't passed much on the way in, except for other tiny towns and wide open spaces.

One of the attendants on the train handed me a map of Charleville shortly after leaving Brisbane. On the train, I wondered to myself, "Why is this map zoomed in so far?"

Really the map was near actual size...

But Charleville has everything one would need: a couple of bars and motels, a few bakeries and restaurants, a music shop, a Target Country (another blog for another time, I suppose).

It's all here, between the creek and the river.

Small towns typically drive me a little crazy. But when the small town is just a place you're passing through, the "homey" feel has a bit of charm.

The people who come into the bar have their quirks (who doesn't?) but are typically very friendly.

Most residents are generally curious about the two Americans shacking up at Hotel Corones. Many of them have some connection to the US and can't wait to tell you about it.

One man shared his story about exploration drilling in Michigan, another man told me about a "lass" he knew from Alabama.

All the stories are pretty random but I try to receive them graciously.

A few of the guys who come in for a drink will rag on me because of my accent but usually it's just a conversation starter rather than fodder for their jokes.

Overall, I'd say we are having a pretty good time! And, I've picked up a few new skills, namely how to bake a homemade pizza and made from scratch scones.

Stay tuned for more as we're just wrapping up our first week of work in Queensland (couple months to go here).

I'll also be posting a review of my Discovery Trekking backpacker towel soon!


  1. i want to visit. i'm sorry, but going to a small outback town doesn't seem so off-the-wall if you know someone to have dinner with whilst there, lol

  2. Definitely come for a visit if you'd like! It's easy and cheap by train with Queensland Rail. Or you can fly but it's pretty expensive.

    We work 6 days a week but if you come, we can have dinner and drinks or something one night!