Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Successful test pack today

Just a quick update:

Did a test pack today--that Kelty pack will hold a ton!

I'm taking a great pair of Kavu shorts, an Otterbox to protect my camera and a Discovery Trekking Outfitters backpacking towel that literally took up almost no space in my pack (which is great)!

Stay tuned for on-the-road reviews of these items and more as Jenand I take off in two days.

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  1. i'm looking forward to reading more about your experiences to come! i just got back from a meetup with about 50 american expats in celebration of memorial day~ looking forward to meeting you and becoming one of your contacts in sydney. i have a friend whose finishing her work as a nanny and is heading to queensland afterwards, i'll give you her information soon