Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review of Kelty 4500 Framed Hiking Pack

Pictured is Kelty's 4500 pack, made especially for Scheels Outfitters.

This pack boasts a lot of storage space, dependable stitching and Kelty's Cloudlock adjustable suspension.

My Kelty Scheels Classic 4500 arrived in the mail yesterday. I had only viewed this pack online and worried a bit about the size of a 73 liter pack (I'm only about 5' 5'' and under 150 pounds).

So when I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised about the actual size of this Kelty hiking pack.

The adjustable shoulder straps and back panel ensure that this pack will fit comfortably on my back. Before any adjustments, I put the pack on (without weight) and the pack's length is too tall.

But, Kelty has made it easy to adjust the torso length by equipping this pack with Velcro flaps.

The hip belt is also a great selling point of this pack. Kelty's using Scherer Cinch Waist Belt technology to give extra support, and the pack has belt stabilizer straps to control the load on your hips.

Of course, your hips sustain a lot of the weight when you're backpacking with a bag this size, so I'm definitely excited about updating you all on how the hip belt works out once I start my trip.

One aspect of the pack I don't plan to use for this particular upcoming trip (but is worth mentioning), is the water reservoir pouch. Just throw in your
water and this pack will do what you need it to do.

If you're considering a Kelty pack but don't have a Scheels Outfitters near you, it's good to know that this pack is designed similarly to the Kelty Coyote series. Both the Coyote and this pack utilize LightBeam II dual aluminum stays. These are a nice compromise for an internal pack--you get the load bearing capability of an external pack without sacrificing the flexibility of a traditional internal frame hiking pack.

Once I get some weight in this pack and have it fully adjusted for my body, I'll give you guys another update on fit and feel.

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