Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just the essentials

So what does one pack for a year-long Australia trip?

There are the obvious items: clothes, walking shoes, a towel, toiletries, a book?, water bottle, power adapter, a camping knife...

And, every backpacker will customize their packing list. Here's the short list of a few other items I need to purchase before leaving:

1. Apple Wall Adapter for my iPod--I can't brave that long flight and subsequent long bus rides without my entertainment. Not to mention, the iPod will be my blogging method. Right now I charge the device with a USB cord to my computer but I'll need a wall charger for hostels.

2. Handheld Luggage Scale--This is clearly not an essential item but really could come in handy. Even though I'll be traveling with one bag that I always plan to check on flights, the varying weight requirements could render my bag too large if I'm not careful. Having my own scale would save me a few headaches at the airport probably.

3. Compression Sacks--Mostly I'd like to have a couple of these to keep my pack organized. Specifically I want one for dirty clothes so that the stench and dirt won't soil my "clean" clothes. These would also be good for small miscellaneous items that will be hard to find if they get buried among my clothes.

4. Some sort of rain jacket or poncho--Australia weather is amazing but not perfect; it does rain there!! The hard thing about jackets is that I want something to be multi-use: good for rain, keeps me warm, something attractive. These can be heavy and take up a lot of room in my pack so I want to take only one.

5. Small plastic liquid containers--I don't remember any liquid limits in Australian airports the way we have in the U.S., but the smaller the better. I'll use these for residual shampoo, body wash, etc. when I get ready to leave one town and go to the next. More than likely I'll buy regular sized bottles of shampoo and body wash because that tends to be more cost effective but who wants to carry around half empty shampoo bottles in their pack? Not me.

6. Comfy nylon belt--Keep my pants up and look great, enough said.

7. Medium size lock--Sometimes hostels provide lockers for free use provided you have your own lock.

This list is probably a work in progress so stay tuned!

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