Monday, April 11, 2011

The beginning of a beautiful relationship

They say you never forget your first.

We met on the Internet. I know it's not the traditional way but, hey, it was cheap.

Looking back, I pretty much knew right away, even though I left that site and entertained the thought of joining up with others for a couple of weeks.

It felt so one-sided though--like I needed the relationship more. I talked to my friends about it, even my parents, and they agreed: I needed this, and I needed to act quick before I left in June.

So after filling in the blank forms with all my personal details, I was finally taking the next step.

It didn't matter that we'd never actually met and "tried each other on" so to speak. We were (are) a match.

And, now the journey feels so real! I wish I hadn't waited this long!

I'm the proud owner of a brand new Kelty 4500 hiking pack...what did you think I was talking about?!?

It's shipping from a warehouse in Nebraska so it will be awhile before I hold my first-backpack-love in my arms. But, when it arrives, you'll be the first to know!

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