Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To compute, or not to compute

That is the question. Sort of...

Of course, I'll use a computer in Australia, I just don't want to take my own.

Backpacker hostels, the jostle of planes, trains and automobiles and the precious commodity of space in my pack just aren't conducive to a laptop on this trip.

But how will I blog? How will I Skype? How will I upload photos to Facebook?

How ever will I live?

Although I will miss laptop leg burn, all my Internet needs will still be met with computers that are available in nearly every hostel in Australia.

The weight (and subsequent concern about a high-dollar item) in my backpack would get old after day one anyway. Computers will be there waiting for me around every corner.

Why take something with me that I can access easily while there?

So for all the high-tech, gotta-have-my-Macbook-Pro-backpackers out there, I have just one question...

We don't take our own toilet paper to hotels do we?

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