Monday, February 28, 2011

Pack shopping

I did a little REI pack shopping this weekend.

Browsing hiking packs makes me feel a little bit like a secret agent.

All the things one must consider: load suspension, compression straps, hydration bladder compartments.

Planning for a low-budget international trip suddenly feels like I should be packing for a 2012-caliber disaster.

But, it's all for good reason. After all, I'll be living out of my pack for a long time.

I hope I can find a color I like....

I'm joking about the color. I just hope I can find a price I like.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Uluru at sunset

A photo from my 2009 study abroad trip down under.

Uluru was amazing at sunrise and sunset!! I can't wait to revisit this place.

I can't say for certain this is the place where life and earth began, but that's what the Aboriginal people believe. I do know that when you stand in front of this massive rock, it's not hard to believe.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To compute, or not to compute

That is the question. Sort of...

Of course, I'll use a computer in Australia, I just don't want to take my own.

Backpacker hostels, the jostle of planes, trains and automobiles and the precious commodity of space in my pack just aren't conducive to a laptop on this trip.

But how will I blog? How will I Skype? How will I upload photos to Facebook?

How ever will I live?

Although I will miss laptop leg burn, all my Internet needs will still be met with computers that are available in nearly every hostel in Australia.

The weight (and subsequent concern about a high-dollar item) in my backpack would get old after day one anyway. Computers will be there waiting for me around every corner.

Why take something with me that I can access easily while there?

So for all the high-tech, gotta-have-my-Macbook-Pro-backpackers out there, I have just one question...

We don't take our own toilet paper to hotels do we?