Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I hope it's a little scary.

I'm six months away from graduation.

$80,000=one mass communication degree.

Looking back, I didn't eat too much Ramen Noodle but borderline too much pizza. I only pulled one academic all-nighter. I'm almost done with college and I STILL have no arrest record.

It's been a really great four years. In fact, I've had 21 really great years.

But at some point in the last couple weeks I've realized that I've never really been scared of anything. I've been nervous and worried. I've been challenged and stressed. I've been confused and emotional.

But I haven't been scared. I haven't pulled myself up by my bootstraps or had to do any good old-fashioned soul searching.

I've been pretty privileged and pampered and predictable by most standards.

So in an effort to get out of my comfort-zone, to get out of my habits and to check on myself, I'm skipping town for a little while.

Obviously, I'm not leaving without a trace (I'll be blogging).

And, I'm not venturing into a complete unknown--I studied abroad in Geelong, Australia for five months in 2009.

But I'm hoping to shed my safety net by going away on a work holiday visa--a program that allows overseas visitors to live in Australia for up to one year while financing their trip by picking up casual or temporary jobs.

Popular backpacker jobs include fruit picking, working in food service and hospitality and working at hostels for free accommodation.

After my visa's approved, I'll book a flight to Sydney to start the trip in June 2011. From there, I'll organize myself with a bank account and cell phone and try to find work (probably in a small town, not Sydney).

I'll have enough moolah for the plane ticket, the visa and a couple weeks of living but in order to continue eating and sleeping in a bed, I'll have to find a job.

I'm just in the planning stage but already I can't wait.

I hope it's a little scary.

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